Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello everyone in the states I am here in Barcelona!

It's been a long two days since I left! Everything went smoothly while traveling but I am very jet lagged now. Today was our first day at the school! St. Paul's School is beautiful. It sits on a big hill and you can overlook the city of Barcelona. When we first learned we had to walk up the hill to school we thought it would not be a big deal because we walked wku's hill for four years. This hill is a monster and makes wku's hill look very little. It will take some time to get used to! My teacher's name is Mark and he is from England. It is great that I can communicate so well with him. He teaches two fourth grade classes, they call 4A and 4B. He teaches English, science, and Spanish history/ geography (which I know nothing about). We had the 4A class today. All the students were very talkative to each other, but seemed very shy when I tried to talk to them. Mark had the students introduce themselves to me and say their names. It is hard to pronunce some of the student's Spanish names. I then went around the room trying to remember all of the students names, it took me two times to get it correctly! Tomorrow will be a little more difficult since I will have to learn another 25 different names. Today was also St. Jordi's day which is like our Valentine's day. The men buy women roses and the women buy a book for the men. We decided to be big girls and take the train into the city center today to explore. But the streets were packed because of the holiday. There were many booths set up selling roses and books. It was interesting to see how they celebrate this day but we were all exhausted so we decided to wait to actually shop around the center when there aren't that many people!  Here are a couple pictures from today:

The View of Barcelona from my classroom
Lemon Gelato from the city center. Which was delicious!
 A beautiful street at the city center.

Thats all the Spain shenanigans I have for now!

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