Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello from Barcelona!!

Only three more days until I am back in the states!
This weekend was amazing! I spent 24 hours in London trying to see all the sights! We flew in early Saturday morning and spent the day on another bus tour around the city! Our first stop was at Buckingham Palace and we got to see the changing of the guards! There were so many people outside  holding their phones up to see what was behind the gates. The guards marched in through the gates and changed guards then marched back out. It was hard for me to see anything since I'm so short but I got lucky and stood behind a buy holding up his iPad recording everything! We then got back on the bus tour and rode until we got to the London Eye. We walked around and listened to the street performers and then rode a boat tour on the River Thames to the Tower bridge. This was my favorite part! At the end of the day we had to follow a map to find our hotel. This was so much easier in London because everything was in English! Since we were only there for 24 hours we didn't have a lot of time for everything. I would have loved to see the inside of the Tower of London, gone to Abbey Road, and gone to Kings Crossing where Harry Potter was filmed! I guess ill have to do these things next time I'm in London. :) I am excited to wrap up my teaching in Barcelona. I have been teaching fourth grade about food. I taught many lessons on food groups and the essential nutrients. To finish my teaching the students were required to pick one food they want to know more about and use their ipads to find where the food is grown and what nutrients are found in the food. The students then made a mini poster as their final product. The students were very creative and have had fun doing this. I am looking forward to being back in the states to graduate and look for a job!!

Natalie and I by the Tower Bridge! 
In front of the Tower of London! 
Big Ben! I learned that the bell inside the tower is Big Ben, the tower is actually named Elizabeth Tower. 

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